About FirsTier Bank

Our roots go back to 1955 when a small group of bankers and local businessmen opened Kimball County Bank with a vision of providing quality services to help their local community grow and prosper. FirsTier Bank now has seven full service branches located in Nebraska, Wyoming, and Colorado.

The mission of FirsTier Bank is to deliver quality financial resources designed to assist with the prosperity of our clients, communities, and banking family. FirsTier Bank remains committed to providing additional financial services as we serve our communities. We encourage our directors, officers, staff, and customers to provide us with new ideas they believe will enhance the already valuable products and services offered at FirsTier Bank.

FirsTier Bank measures its success by the continued growth of our clients and communities. Large or small, we strive to provide financial resources that focus on and fit the needs of our customers.

If you are not already a customer we invite you to give FirsTier a try! We are convinced FirsTier Bank will be your bank for life. To our existing customers, thank you for your business.

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